GEET Products

What WAS available

Turn key-generators, kits, parts, plans and many other official and operable GEET-retrofitted equipment, have all been available through GEET Dealers in the past.

A combination of the general suppression of society and directly upon GEET Dealers, or perhaps just the growing pains of humanity, have heavily contributed in the eventual inactivity of nearly all of them presently, except one active Instructor in Canada, and myself in California.

A large number are simply waiting to be given equipment or plans to sell, or for enough resources to do research and development and/or to produce the equipment themselves.

We are rebuilding and revitalizing

GEET is due millions of hours of Research and development to retrofit all fuel-burning equipment.

My goal is to facilitate that by sending additional support to researchers and I am putting full-time into GEET to do so.

You’ve seen ready-to-use generators here before, and you will again, but this time exact plans for this generator will also be available. They will be FREE for personal use.

I’m personally working, with occasional help from friends, on retrofitting a 4000 peak watt generator. We have not been able to put a lot of time into it yet, but it’s moving forward, and with a little more public awareness and support our progress will accelerate.

One highest purpose of this project is to supply all active dealers with a new set of plans for parts and/or a full piece of equipment ready for sales.

I wish to incentivize all GEET researchers to be as open with their progress as possible, to ensure that progress isn’t lost in the future.

Giving out the new set of free GEET plans will make GEET Immediately accessible to millions of more people and provide Licensed GEET Dealers and Instructors new jobs like: Instructing students, Training Mechanics, Manufacturing Parts, Selling parts and kits and fully GEET-retrofitted generators, and giving Technical Support.

It will provide them the regularity of funding to carry out their duties, as well as pursue further Research and development, in coordination with all others, through GEET International Institute.

The fastest way to have any specific piece of equipment you want retrofitted

Become a GEET Student to contribute to our current Research and Development Project, a 4000 Peak-Watt “Predator” brand generator from Harbor Freight.

On completion of this project we will provide exact free plans for personal use. This will result in need for technical support for some, as well as the need of parts for many. In these and other ways it will revitalize the entire GEET network. More pieces of equipment will be modified one by one then two by two and so as our Labs grow and multiply.

Your contribution right now would be timely and extremely helpful.

Become the member of you community who brings this world-saving game-changer to the table.

I would like to be able to continue to put most of my time into GEET,  online, in the lab, and on the road.  The current generator project, when finished, will help in many ways to make that happen.

Click the Donate and Contribute button to see some ways you can help to accelerate Research and Development and fine-tune the reactor on this generator and the next enumerable pieces of equipment, as well as to expand our public outreach to further help generate the needed resources to do so.