What is GEET?

The GEET Fuel Processor (GFP) was invented by Paul Pantone in the early 1980’s.

GEET (Global Environmental Energy Technology) provides us the fastest and easiest way to end poverty and pollution, to bring wealth and health to everyone and everything.

The GEET Reactor (the central component of the GFP) is a Self-Induced Multiple Plasma Field Generator and, in understated terms, the GFP (or GEET for short) is a device to reduce emissions, while improving fuel-efficiency in all existing fuel-burning equipment on the planet.

GEET can be replicated at home with the Free GEET Plans given to humanity by Paul Pantone. This technology introduces us to a vast realm of scientific phenomena, adding to our general understanding of our world and universe, which leads us to far more advanced applications of the technology beyond simply fuel treatment.

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